Transfer Photos

Seamlessly Transfer Photos from Your Smartphone using NFC (Near Field Communication)

Health Monitoring

Monitor your health in real-time, providing insights into vital signs or detecting early signs of health issues.

Capture Smiles in a Flash

Showcase Photos of Family, Pets, and Special Occasions.

Command Your Smart Home

Control Lights, TVs, and More with a Simple Touch of Your SmartNail

Emergency SOS

Discreet emergency alerts for enhanced personal safety, triggered instantly.

Harmonize with Music

Learn Keyboard or Piano as Your Fingernails Light Up in Sync.

unlock doors, pay for purchases, access public transportation, and more

Yes, the app is designed to be user-friendly with intuitive controls.

Yes, the app is required for control and design selection.

Works with both regular polish and specifically designed cartridges for easier application.

A wide variety! From classic french tips to trendy patterns and even custom designs you can upload.

Some advanced models allow for custom design creation using photos or drawings

Please provide a valid email address.